Thursday, January 28, 2010

...And then I heard screaming

So today was one of those days that wears you out. (and no I'm not tired because I was up until 345am looking on ebay for collectible Disney Pins) The night was just miserable because my face had throbbed for hours due to some unrelenting Wisdom Teeth. In reality, its because I find myself with COPIOUS amounts of free time, so even though I'm rocking it out at the gym like Richard Simmons, I end up being VERY awake at night.

Actually-I'm wondering if I possibly had a seizure. I woke up this morning with messages from ebay saying I owe a lot of people for a lot of Disney Pins. I'm still working that one out...

Anyway, after I wandered around the apartment and amused the dog for a while I navigated through presumably more unemployed people, called my mother, and headed to the gym. Although I can't say enough what a saint this women is- I could have strangled her this morning. This was the day she decided to lay into me about my back-up plan for the missing letter of recommendation and that I WAS going to be applying to law school come hell or high water. I politely told her "Well I've made it clear I have no idea what-so-ever what to do in this situation. YOU figure it out." She then said "Call the fine people at the LSAC (Law school admission council for those of you not punishing yourself) -or else."

Wouldn't you know the old bird has some type of esp because today? The LSAC just happened to have received and processed the missing letter thus allowing me to apply to law school. Finally.

Today I rode the famous whiny-chick emotional roller coaster and came out on top. I treated myself to spf 20 (thats about as low as ole snow flake here can go before I become the 7th wonder of the world known as lobster girl) and an hour at the pool.

...And then I heard screaming.

The bliss of my Chelsea Handler audiobook (My Horizontal Life is TRULY worth the purchase if loud mouth, witty, drunks are your style- and I promise you it will be if its already not) was SHATTERED by what can only be described as scream cry arguing.

Just when I think my inability to handle rejection and always being full of feelings is whats going to be the downfall of women everywhere, I discover a women at the pool, fully dressed, having a mental breakdown/ argument with her... whatever this guy was to her, about how rude and un-supportive he was for his lack empathy over her broken nail.

Me and my disgusting, chipping manicure suddenly feel much better about ourselves.

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