Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So this morning I had this great idea- I'm going to google every news station in Orlando and see what positions they have open. This of course yielded sadness as opposed to dozens of jobs.

What they do have open either requires years of experience in stuff I know nothing about or are internships that I don't qualify for because I already happen to have a degree.

I did find 2 people at the same station, one in charge of internships and one who is an Executive Producer to email. I emailed the person in internships just because I figured it couldn't hurt to make my interest in literally anything at the station known. I emailed the producer in regards to a position that was open that I could qualify for if someone was interested in training me.

Then I moved on to radio stations which I quickly learned are all (AM and FM) owned by Clear Channel. Clear Channel is of course offering only 2 positions and none of which are located in Florida.

After giving up on the entertainment industry I thought to check out everything else I have applied to. I noticed today that when I search for positions Lockheed Martin is offering, the main job I was sure I would at least get an interview for is no longer coming up. My 'guy on the inside' tells me this unfortunately means they are DONE with interviewing and are about to offer someone the position. Gee, this is becoming a good day.

I am hoping that whether or not anyone at the TV station wants to hire me, one of the two people I contacted (I actually did contact people rather than the generic HR email) gets back to me. Whether its to say 'you are grossly under-qualified and don't contact me again' or 'thanks but the position is already filled' I would be a much happier girl.

Other than the maxed out credits cards and total inability to buy food or a personal trainer- I am about to just 'embrace' the lack responsibility. From my prior post, its clear that I can't apply to law school, I've missed the boat for grad school this semester, and I have 100% covered every temp agency, job search engine, and job opening in Orlando, I may as well throw in the towel and throw on a bikini and (after this miserable cold LEAVES MY STATE- and don't cry to me if you're in Minnesota, I live in Florida for a reason) just lay by the pool.

SO: Here is the bikini I need to make this happen-

I have a paypal account and I am taking donations.

No, really, I totally am. Seriously- donate.

The suit is 158+ shipping (c'mon its Trina Tirk! Designer)

Helping the needy is fun. Hey Maybe I can write the president, this is exactly the type of needless thing he likes to give tax payer dollars to. -sweet.

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