Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Miss Perfect

So, while I suffer through the waves of job searching and writing personal statements for every law school in the tri-state area, I get to indulge in my sick little hobby of watching Little Miss Perfect.
As a fan, and sometimes queen myself, I adore pageantry. On a different note, as someone who knows Michael Galanes, I get MUCH enjoyment in watching him just make an absolute ass of himself. As he prances about, singing the Little Miss Perfect Song(!) I just think about the time he called me on the phone for having too many pageant titles (I know, what a bitch right?) and just reamed me out for what was an actual mistake. I had to take an entire year off from that pageant system, until he left it actually, before I could go back and prance around myself.

To put things in perspective? I did too well at something that requires dieting and good looks. Obviously, things could be worse.

But I digress...
The job hunt has been... (I'm looking for the right phrase) like swimming up from the bottom of the Gulf with my feet cemented into cinder blocks. No one seems to care much for my Bachelors of Communication degree (and political science minor!) and I keep getting yanked around by companies that tell me I'm applying for one job, yet I end up sitting through orientations for what boils down to working in a call center. If you have never met me, you may not realize, but I don't do phone work. I did- which is how I know how badly I lack tolerance and empathy for those with terrible grammar and poor phone skills. Also? No amount of money will be enough for me to sit around for 8 to 10 hours a day talking on the phone. I want to file, schedule, dabble in office politics, and end up HBIC (baby!!!) I just want corporate America (Hear that Lockeheed Martin?) and to be able to do things I'm actually good at; proof reading, answering phone calls (not spending 8 hours on one) office interaction, multitasking what ever I needed to, wearing lovely outfits and getting a casual Friday!

However, its me, my average GPA and lots of competition.

So, I'll just TIVO the rest of my little obsession, be jealous of my girlfriends still in college or actually in the work force, and go to the gym. After all, Little Miss Perfect would never be caught on the couch in footie pajamas eating her body weight in funions! (or would she...?)

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  1. there are citrus colored rainbows... lol hang in there. Honestly I think you could make something out of these little blog rants. I was thoroughly entertained while reading this. You could always come to my dance class and try-out for the bucs this year...that would give you something to do.