Sunday, January 31, 2010


This post isn't about the annual Pirate invasion in Tampa Florida known as Gasparilla, rather it's about the fact that we (the people of earth) are still, believe it or not, dealing with these 'pirates' off the coast of Somalia.

Read about these poor Brits here.

Although I feel for these people- very deeply actually, I can't help but be pissed at every government that hasn't obtained, detained, and 'made go away' these assholes sailing the high seas. Now, maybe Babs and her husband could have, I don't know, aimed their yacht in a more friendly direction, but everyone in the government over there in the UK should be ashamed of themselves.

GO OVER THERE. ELIMINATE THE BASTARDS. I'm sorry I have ZERO sympathy for people who break the law. I don't care how poor or desperate they are- Maybe instead of ILLEGALLY obtaining firearms and wasting whatever little money they had on that, these people would do everything possible to get out of that hole of a country and work to make an honest living and life in a more suitable place. Capturing boats, ships, and people only makes me hope that while you little pirates are out sailing around looking for people to terrorize, your boat sinks half way across a very large, deep, shark infested ocean.

As this couple, and particularly the woman, lose their minds while being abused by these TERRORISTS (it's what they are and I beg you to look up the definition if you disagree),the government sends out a very comforting 'we're closely monitoring the situation.'

Its 2010 yet a couple has been seized by PIRATES from a place that doesn't even rank as third world. We, the developed nations, need to really take that in and um- ACT.

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