Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There's a creepy guy here in FLA

He may be lurking in your state as well, (but I don't get out so I don't know) and when you see him, you know you're looking into eyes of pure creep. He is.... The man on the vasectomy billboard.


I realized one morning (while cruising down I-4 at about 5 am, so you know the thoughts were totally coherent) that this man is all over the place. My question is, does he get patients? Like, what percentage of his clients come in saying 'Why yes, I did get the idea from a billboard. Fantastic marketing my friend!' Do men really think its in their best interest to get medical procedures from a guy with TERRIBLE hair, pedosmile and is MAGIC since he apparently defies the laws of physics with 'No Needle'?

This is my own little PSA to any man who stumbles by my little blog: Do not, under any circumstances, seek out this man, for anything surgical -down there-.

Note: That guys blog I link to? He's pretty crude, and while his views do not reflect mine (about 75% of he time he does but still) I think Maddox's post contributes greatly to my point.

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  1. Just a side note. Whoever did his facelift did a horrible job as well. It just elevates the creepiness factor