Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When I sing I at least try (a long post)

Aright so this is what I'm writing while watching the idol premier.

First chick in pink. VOM I get the whole " OMG I so want my 15 minutes and I can be just like that Asian guy who got a CD. SO I just need to go out there, make a fool of myself and make people believe that I believe I think I actually sing well!" Been there, seen that, do not find it the least bit amusing.

So during the commercial while I take off my make up from my 'job interview' I had today (a LOT more on that in another rant) I realize I feel bad for the judges. I mean, bad is relative- these people are making millions and are millionaires to begin with (Simon aside who earns tens of millions from this show) so I feel bad for them like I feel bad for people who are tired when they get home from a job that doesn't ask much of them and gives them benefits that would make your head spin and amazing pay. I just think sitting through 'auditions' would be totally miserable and dealing with these people who may or may not be suffering from some type of mental illness must be daunting and LONG. Is it just me? Maybe?

Randy Jackson. -Sigh- I want to see Paula. None of these people seem high or as passionate as she got and I mean... Randy. He just bothers me because I feel out of all the commentary, he provides the least useful of it. Also? Victoria is super soft spoken I just find myself liking her more and more. I mean as a child of 87 the Spice Girls (and Backstreet boys) were the center of my world. She can do no wrong. I mean, have you seen that husband?

Ok kid in the blue and white stripped shirt deserves to have a hit taken out on him.

Randy- Stop Singing forever
Uuuuugh people you have to understand that you are not entertaining. Under any circumstances.

Hmm, Italian family in Boston. The word 'yous' is seriously thrown around. I don't have to say more...
Oh, Ryan is trapped in a large, violent man hug. Thats just funny. (For even better Ryan Seacrest jokes watch Joel McHale on The Soup on E! Friday Nights)

Hippie Kid? Epic Fail
(And as a MAJOR Elton John fan, SHAME ON YOU HIPPIE KID. SHAME. ...damn hippies. Cut your hair!!! Its 2010!)

Creepy chick in the cape? Pass.

Asshat in the glasses? I just HOPE he's kidding. I can't imagine someone being that big of an ass all the time. But those scary eyes (once he took off those horrific glasses) seemed pretty real so... ah.

Well, its 9 but I feel like I've pretty much seen it all.
Personal tragedies? Check
Over coming adversity? Check

Officially bored.
G' Night America.
And good luck (literally, this show is more a mess than I imagined)

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