Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Job Report

Every now and then I forget that I did have an original purpose when I started this bloggy blog. I updated my legion of readers on the law school front, but I have (slightly) neglected the job hunt.

As it stands, I've backed off. Being a normal person, I don't love rejection so I figured while the law schools were deciding my educational fate, I would ease off of the constant crashing and burning I was going through with the jobs.

Below are the companies and job search engines I've spent HOURS on hoping for, at the very least, an email back- be it good or bad.

Lockheed Martin: 6 jobs
The Florida Hospital: 4 jobs
(I think) Portifino Bay Hotel: 2 jobs
The Internet Company: 2 jobs
The local Fox, Cnn, and ABC affiliates: 4 jobs
According to Career Builder: 16 jobs
According to Monster: 13 jos

I've been seeking out everything from negotiating contracts to secretarial and administrative assistant positions.

At the urging of a friend, I tracked down a few email addresses of a news paper and local magazine to see if anyone was interested in my fine writing ability. Although I don't think any of what I write is all that good (or interesting lol) she's being fabulous and encouraging so, why the hell not? Even if it ends up being a resounding and collective 'No!' I would just like to hear something . Alllll the time, nothing nothing and more nothing; if I happened to be in any management position -ever- after my experience job hunting, I now understand the significance of a simple email back.

SO thats that! Cross your fingers!

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