Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life's a Drag

So as a popular public figure here in central Florida (read: local title holder) I need to be cautious about my entries on this blog. I can't just go on ranting all willy nilly about whatever comes to mind! No, I've got to possess tact and be smart in my topics.

That being said I have felt a little concern about wanting to post my review of RuPauls Drag Race, but I just can't hold it back anymore. I love LOVE L O V E RuPaul's Drag Race. Actually this isn't so much of a review as much as it is me talking about how much I love drag queens and this show, and RuPauls attitude.

You can catch up on all the competition goodness here. I really think the show is worth watching; I admire the people on the show because I think it takes so much confidence to get up on a stage and do what they do. Every now and then I find myself with a face full of make up and on a stage getting judged and with all the similarities and the sheer entertainment value of the show, I recommend it to everyone!

Anyways, every Tuesday morning it's my most favorite thing to watch! I record it from the night before and get to watch it while eating breakfast! Its the BEST way to start a day!

Now though I don't have anything to do other than continue to stalk the mail man and go to the gym... and I guess laundry, and I could always clean the apartment... But those are all maybes, stalking the mail man is a given for today. Keep your fingers crossed!

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