Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr Steamy

So I just got done watching last nights RuPaul's Drag Race and switched over to my favorite morning crew ala Fox and Friends when my ears are assaulted by what I can only describe as the noise of a dryer smashing onto an ironing board. Why can I only describe it as such a bizarre image? Because thats exactly what it was.

This happened to be one of those commercials that for some reason, is significantly louder than the show so, whether it happened to be a dryer smashing something or any annoying woman's voice- you're startled.

But after learning that 'I wouldn't iron my clothes with a dryer and I wouldn't dry my clothes with an iron.' I finally got to see what all the screaming/ smashing was about!

Looky looky! It's Mister (not Mr.) Steamy!

ALL I have to do is fill it with water, shove it in the dryer and it will take all of the wrinkles out of my clothes! I've been so STOOPID. I thought by dropping my dryer repeatedly on all of my favorite outfits I was de-wrinkeling them- but I stand corrected!

In news other than me mocking an infomercial- the manager at the apartment complex emailed me! And then 'someone'- maybe maintenance, I dont know because I played dead when they knocked on the door come by. I haven't read the email because I'm a baby. I'm considering deleting it! What I haven't read can't hurt me...

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