Monday, February 15, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Occasionally, I do something that isn't totally thought out. Occasionally.

Anyway, I didn't have a great morning by any means today and constructed an email, that although accurate (pretty much), is um... colorful in its description of events and situations. Once this situation has blown over (and we're not, you know, evicted) I'll post the email as a lesson learned type thing.

It's about my apartment complex and some toilet problems, along with the laundry list of other complaints I've had in the short amount of time I've lived here. My primary concern is no one decides to come sniffing around my apartment and looking for things, anything at all, that would lead to a vengeful "lets get the witch kicked out" mission. So anyway, one email was forwarded without consent and blah blah blah and through a turn of events, I've adopted this: "THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS TRANSMISSION IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION INTENDED FOR THE USE OF THE INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY NAMED ABOVE. IF THE READER OF THIS MESSAGE IS NOT THE INTENDED RECIPIENT, YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT ANY REVIEW, DISSEMINATION, DISTRIBUTION OR COPYING OF THIS COMMUNICATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND SUBJECT TO FEDERAL INVESTIGATION." as the new signature for all of my emails and developed quite a knack for apologizing. Heres where I acknowledge the boo boo of sending a harsh email, but I have to stop there.

The 'service' here has been worse than bad. Although I rent and have to depend on these people for my home, you can only push tenants around so much in terms of appliances, quality of a unit, managerial organization, and promises not fulfilled. Although I probably sent the email to the wrong person, (OH had I the ability, there is a lot I want to say about this mans professionalism) as a renter am I not entitled to voice my complaints, even if those who are being complained about don't like what their reading? This is where I WISH I was an attorney and had a few good classes on contracts under my belt; I HATE not knowing my rights, and even though I signed a lease- what did I really sign? Did I say I wouldn't say anything bad about the complex, its reality holder or its employees? Did I agree to being evicted if I altered anything in the apartment? Does it matter if a leasing agent SAYS 'you can paint, just go over it with white before you move out' if no one records it or puts in writing? Can the apartment manager send someone in here under the false claim of a maintenance request on my end (it's happened to me in the past) and use it to look around and 'find' a reason to evict me? Is it that easy to evict? Is there any incentive for the complex to go through with evicting? (I'm going with a big YES: if they 'gave' us the deal of living here for 800.00$/ month and they boot us out, they could charge a new tenant a considerably larger sum of money) Am I being paranoid?

Although I think I am within my rights to complain about this place, the only thing I seem to be getting out of this is a headache and some improved creative writing skills. Not to say I lied, this place is that bad, but I was mean. For that I am sorry. I went as far as requesting the managers email address from Mr. AssHat and telling her myself that I ranted a bit too far. Tomorrow when everyone's back in the office, I'll see if anything comes of this.

Moral of the story? Think before you send and know your rights!

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