Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've been drooling over swim wear for the (hopefully upcoming) fab Florida spring/summer time. I've been thinking hard about the benefits of halter versus triangle top and the costs of a tanga bottom versus a tie bottom (tan lines ) and through all of this thinking I've been looking at pictures to help me make an educated purchase.

Then I ran across this:

This poor girl bought a defective bikini! Unless she finds herself at a very liberal European beach this is a practically useless swimsuit. It costs 68$ and comes with a removable little top in case you don't feel like getting charged with indecent exposure. I love sexy stuff- don't get me wrong, but part of what I find sexy is the allure of sheer, or things that actually leave something to the imagination; (and in a bikini thats difficult) the full monty isn't sexy to me- its a bit whorish. My next and probably biggest problem with this thing is the tan line. You're going to have burnt ta ta's and a huge white line running from your chest down to your naughty bits. Nothing says SEXY like a reverse skunk stripe.

Due to the costs and uselessness of this particular item I officially deem it SILLY. If you are caught wearing it- you have brought my mockery and assumption that you are an escort on to yourself.

Ladies, if you are hell bent on a swimsuit that leaves nothing to the imagination and gives you absolutely disgusting tan lines, may I recommend this:

Happy hunting!
Also? I like this one! So go find another! (I saw it first!)

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