Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey FAMU! Yo hurry up! (lol) I've got the sinking feeling that you're gonna give me the big N O and really? Just give it to me already?

Current Status: File Complete. Under Review.
Current Status Date: 2/19/2010

^ That is all I get. Really guys? I've gotten a job offer (!) and turned it down (!!) in the time its taken you to review my file and not give me an answer.

Yes, on that note I turned down a job that paid 8 dollars an hour and wouldn't be able to give me more than 20 hours a week.

I guess beggars can be choosers.

This beggar is taking her dog to the vet to get de-loused. Yes. It IS as horrible as it sounds. Poor itchy thing...

PS Conan is on Twitter. These are the things you learn when you don't have a job. I'd almost call it worth it!

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