Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Waters

I've always been a big TV watcher. Some shows have captivated, fascinated, even disgusted me, but no show made me feel like I "knew these people" like Deadliest Catch. My 3 favorite boats and captains are Sig Hansen on the Northwestern, the Hilstrand brothers on the Time Bandit, and Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie.

Phil was always passionate about his craft in a way that I respected. I enjoyed his brand of humor the most, and loved how much he loved his family. I watched as Phil first got sick, and how much it destroyed him not to sail out when the doctors finally said no more. But he rallied, and until his stroke all of us in tv land never thought we wouldn't get to see Phil prank other captains, throw obscenities at his sons, or celebrate with the crew when they had a good run.

Although I have never met this man, I cried this morning reading he died. Tears because his death was so unexpected. Because from this little show, I know how utterly devastated his sons will be. Because after all those rainy days watching marathon after marathon, celebrating big catches and mourning sailors lost at sea with him, I feel like I lost an old, distant friend.

I imagine the rough, icy waters where he fought so many battles are still today.

Read about Captain Phil here

Take care captain.

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