Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thats what happens when I...

... eat Chinese food. As far as I'm concerned you can call it punishment for eating the msg and salt soaked goodness that was sweet and sour chicken and pork fried rice. I had the most real dream of my LIFE last night- I WISH I could have been hooked up to something that monitored blood pressure because I was FREAKING out last night.

The Dream:
I am having lunch with boyfriend and boyfriends mom; we're drinking lemonade and sitting on the patio of the beautiful southern family mansion. While sitting among the manicured plants and fragrant flowers, boyfriend reminds me that our WEDDING is next Saturday. How I forgot about my own wedding is beyond me (then again... I guess I'm capable of such stupidity lol) yet there I am, stunned, not just at the upcoming nuptials, but that we're even engaged! Although I can't recall if I looked down at my hand to see if this was all a lie, I get the feeling I believed every part of what I was being told without question. So I begin freaking out. My first thought is "oh dear god I have no dress" so I of course speed off in my car- to where? Regalia! (a place that sells pageant gowns lol) Something had happened to one of the wheels of my car, and I guess as I was leaving the drive way, the car was driving all weird and crooked and out of control ala Grand Theft Auto and I TOOK OUT some of the landscapers and help at the mansion!

While I'm committing vehicular manslaughter I'm actually on the phone with my sorority sister (twin) telling her "I know you just moved down south, but you need to come back, I'm getting married NOW!" (lol lol lol) Once I realize that I've killed a few people and the car just WILL NOT work with me in getting to my location, I proceed back up to the house to REAM out my husband to be. Although I'm sure I had a laundry list of crazy I was unleashing on him, all I can remember is my concern about 1) invitations and 2) bridesmaids. My future mother in law hands me a stack of envelopes and says "I look care of the invites, I just never sent them!" I take these and RUN off to the mail box, but on the way there I trip over the root (!) of one of the huge oak trees (!!) lining the drive way, spilling the contents of the envelopes all over. Remember all those invites you would find for clubs littered all over your car, or parking lots around campus? Little, colorful flyers? Thats what was inside my wedding invitations!(gasp) I storm back up to the house and demand that boyfriend tell me how many groomsmen he has so I can get bridesmaids and dresses for them. Boyfriend shrugs, saying "I'm not sure" and before I explode in horror and what I can only assume is rage, I wake up.

After thinking about the dream and recounting it to boyfriend, I thought about what wedding dress I would have worn (there isn't anything interesting on the news other than how much my mom rocks for insisting I get the 08 Corolla- its safe from all of the crazy now affecting the cars!) Here are some my favorites (for that wedding I don't know about)

Only a few of these dresses have enough sex appeal (yes I take that into consideration when thinking about my wedding dress) and sparkle. I need sparkle- I've done pageants way to long to have a plain dress that doesn't show off how good I look! (ha ha)

Boyfriend probably threw up in his cube reading this ; D

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