Monday, February 15, 2010

An unrelated post

As I have to do something funny (I need to make light of the fact I cant hear my Tyra episode on pot smoking soccer moms because one of the more thuggish neighbors is blasting some thump thump music too loud) here is a set of pictures of Miss Pepper being challenged by her new stuffed dragon for the new chewy bone.

*I am anti drug. I am further anti drug when people are parents. I run into problems because my argument for the longest time has been- well if life is so hard go see a doctor and get something legal. States legalizing this (mary jane) makes my argument very difficult to maintain. Although I know the white collar crime is to abuse prescription pills, I'm pushing for a world full of women (and MEN) where we buck up and put down the peace pipe. Just had to say that.

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