Monday, February 15, 2010

Update 1 (or am I at 2?)

Originally I created this Blog (for an outlet for my frustration because my day to day involves walking the dog, talking to the dog, sitting on my rump, going to the gym, and mocking Tyra) to document life after college in a recession for someone who, by all accounts, is a pretty typical (read: average) chick. I've been weighing the pro's and con's of full disclosure and have decided that, although I told the boyfriend otherwise (he's been instructed to lie and say I got wait listed at NYU) I'm going to talk about where I've applied, and where its getting me.

The official list of schools applied to consists of:
Barry Univ.
Florida Coastal
Thomas M Cooley (Michigan State)

I have officially been rejected from Barry and as Stetson has informed me that they have begun the admission process for me, I, like the pessimist I am, can assume I'm that much closer to rejection numero dos. I'm a lot better with it today that I have been for the last two days.(so, high five)

I am new to 'everything happens for a reason' mind set, and I'm trying to use it when applying to law school. I'm not done considering grad school and getting my MPA, and eventually (aka super soon) I'm going to go back and keep looking for a job (bet you didn't know the Post Office isn't hiring- I do). I've got this friend who thinks I should use my marginal pageant success and parlay it into coaching/ directing. I love the idea because I love pageants and I can only keep the Lbs off for so long (lol). Having worked as an event planner, I have total faith that I could run a pageant, but I like when people move up and have the chance to accomplish big things, so I think I would want to be affiliated with a larger system- but obviously there aren't a ton of openings in the big systems for directors. Side thought? There are SO many pageants out there. What would I call mine? Miss Florida Princess American Earth US?

As the man toy of mine likes to say: "I just graduated" and although I argue that mid December is no longer 'just' I'm going to run with that for a while. I'm doing my best to be more positive, and although I'm kicking myself for sitting in bed and not enjoying the sun and minimal wind (trying to heal from this MUNG that's been hanging around my lungs for two weeks) I'm typing this with a smile because I could get accepted to Stetson (instead of the usual 'no way in hell')

So, I'm thinking positive, and hey, if I don't get evicted (see prior post)or kicked hard by Karma maybe you'll see me blogging about the pain of paying tuition.

*Update 2-19-2010*

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