Friday, February 19, 2010


As I sit on the couch that I can't seem to get off of while I whine to anyone who will listen about how I've been neglecting the gym, I started to get all nervous. Not because I'm crazy or have a pageant looming and I'm still all fat and squishy, but because FAMU has finally decided to get their act together, recognize that, oh duh, my application is (and has been) complete and are now officially reviewing it to consider me (or NOT) for admission.

Although that I can argue that, yeah, I just want to go to school somewhere, I really do want to go to FAMU. Yes Stetson would be just amazing and the opportunity of a life time, but- all things considered, FAMU seems like a more attainable dream. It's location is just UNBEATABLE and so is that in-state tuition. ABA accreditation means I can take the bar (you know, only slightly important) and although many (read: ALL) of the law school oriented blogs that I've come across call it a career killer (yes, that is painful to read) I think a lot of that just might be crap. As with many blogs, there isn't exactly anything out there to prevent the preppy kids who got into Brown from saying whatever they want about a school they have never been to, never applied to, and most likely have never met anyone from there.

Although I take that into consideration, I can't help but be scared when "career killer" and "will only find employment at small, regional firms that chase ambulances" comes across my screen.

Still? I want to go there.

I have my daydream fantasy's (Scrubs style) about how I'll go into my interview at Miss Fla Usa: Imagine 7 stern faced judges all paneled up looking at me, a camera pointed at me, and nothing separating us but a mic stand. As I bravely stand on fantastic 4 inch heels, I give the 60 second introduction of my life in the most fabulous outfit minds can imagine. I wow the judges with how, although I've been accepted to law school, I don't have to start right away (hello, and thank you deferment) thus pushing them over the edge of loving me and I win Miss Florida, only to end my reign with starting law school.

It's probably the most perfect thing ever.

Although I have to wake up from that happy thought (did I mention I'm still on the couch) and although I may only be eating 90 calorie Quaker rice cakes, that doesn't um, excuse the Chinese I downed 2 days ago, or uh, the 6 (yeah- half a dozen, 3+3, almost 7) fiber one muffins I inhaled in under 2 hours this morning (which are kicking my increasingly toned arse as we speak)

My gym is open until 10. Although I'm more dedicated than any other BQ (thats beauty queen for you normies ((I kid I kid)) ) out there, fiber one is winning and 10 or 4(am) I don't know if I can make it tonight.

Tomorrow is another story. Tomorrow I will debate on 60 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of swimming or 60 minutes of swimming and 30 minutes of cardio (it's a time crunch thing, usually both get a solid hour- if you were curious) Tomorrow I will have washed hair, face put on, bloated fiber one gut strapped down, and pageanty game face on.

Tonight? I'm that girl with rice cakes, wine, (so shoot me) my laptop, many repeats of What Not to Wear, and a lot of hopes and big plans for the future.

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