Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Workin Girl

No, believe it or not I haven't given up and decided to sell the goods at an outrageous price or anything. No, I'm actually applying and interviewing (all at the same time) to be a receptionist at Ballys (my gym). I think it's part time, and with my summer schedule for Miss Florida USA and my total lack of motivation to do anything other than go to the pool and play with the dog, 20 hours or less works for me. I understand that I need the money, but at this point, working part time at what I'm assuming will probably be minimum wage with a college degree just doesn't do much for me. No offense to the job- which I WANT don't get me wrong- just where my pride is and how lazy I am doesn't make me feel very good about this.

But on the other hand, my personal trainer who pretty much gave me this interview makes this a really a sweet thing. It makes me appreciate the little things and how nice people can be. I also like when people seem to like me! Who doesn't!

I keep waiting for something entertaining to happen so I can resume making this blog humorous. Until then, my bad.

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