Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Fruits of my Labor

Last summer when my momma went up to Michigan for a few months, she left me with her cacti (that sounds so wrong when I read it back for some reason) because they have no business in the North woods. I kept them in an area that got afternoon sun outside. This area also happened to get some rain, but it had to storm really hard for the water to even get over to the plants. They had a pretty good life I would say.

Somehow though these stupid things died. I killed 2 cactus's. In Florida. Plants that require sun, heat, and very little attention. Dead in 6 weeks.

The Christmas Cactus did kinda sorta make, and when I eventually moved to Orlando I brought it with me. Then my doggy grew up and after an innocent puppy phase where everything went into her mouth, she realized she had a real affinity for the tasty treat that is my Christmas Cactus. It was after I finally noticed the plant was 3 inches shorter that it dawned on me who could be gnawing on my cactus; I knew it wasn't me just because it appeared high in sugar and I was on a no sugar/salt kick at the time. Although I couldn't be positive it wasn't boyfriend, I hadn't noticed him sneaking around trying to get at the thing so until I saw different I ruled him out. I finally monitored Peppers patio behaivor a little more closely and saw her creep up to the thing, sort of look around, and then start chewing! After I caught her it's been a little easier to keep the poor plant going.

Although I was positive it was dead, I'm really lazy so I just left it on the windowsill. Momma came to town this weekend and while having a conversation about the baby sunflowers she brought me (knowing I've got the green thumb of death mind you) I went to the cactus, and saw these little sprouts!

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

So, I know to keep Pepper from munching on anything else (sad looking orchid, sad looking rose bush, cactus, 2 pots of sad looking baby sunflowers) I need to get tables and get these things off the ground. THEN I saw a commercial for this thing that grows tomato's and strawberry's up in the air. It looks AMAZING and since I can keep a cactus alive, (and because I play a LOT of Farm Town) I have convinced myself that I can actually grow something for human consumption.

Wish me and those who are forced to eat this stuff luck!

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