Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Collecting Wood

Because if the pond gets any closer to my building I'm going to need an ark. However, I don't know how successful I'm going to be in collecting 2 of every animal since the only animals I can find are stray cats. Which, if you were wondering, no, boyfriend will not let me start taking them in and loving them.

Theres this big white male cat that harasses another cat that, although he has 'owners', needs to be rescued to. Poorly treated animals break my heart... I want both these kitties vury bad...

Speaking of breaking my heart, the other thing burning a whole through my icy innards would be the wait for FAMU to send me a letter. I just want to point out that I live in the same city where they will be mailing such a letter from. It would take no more than a few hours to get to me- if ONLY they would bother to send something!

A reliable (and blonde!) source who attends the school told me it took a month for her acceptance letter. Therein lies the real problem: in my little brain I like to imagine that it's taking so long to get to me because I too will be getting an acceptance letter. Although there is a saying 'Prepare for the worst but hope for the best', I just cant do that. I'm either hoping or preparing!

For fun I'm hoping. I read about 32 pages of that book "The Secret" and remember something about my body being a giant radio transmitter and if I'm not careful I'll be putting out, or getting back 'bad' signals. Something weird like that. In the spirit of avoiding bad signals I'm all smiles here.

Besides, on dark, rainy days like this I get to pretend I'm in Forks and in a few minutes Edward is going to be creeping in through my 3rd story window and we're gonna go romp around in the dark, wet woods. YES a Twilight reference by a college educated 22 year old. I win.

Stay dry friends.

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