Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybe it's the Head Trauma

I'm applying, or I have applied to community college.
Yes its because I feel like my brain is turning to mush and no I don't want to talk about it.
One semester at this little school can even help me accomplish a few things.

-I need 3 rec letters to apply to UCF's MPA program. Since I tapped out my USF professors, I can use these people to help me.
- Clearly the law school thing isn't exactly working out at the moment and instead of becoming more useless (while writing that book of mine) I'm going to go to VCC and work on my paralegal degree. That way, it's a useful skill in a growing field, its a chance to intern, get a few connections, and work on retaking the lsat. That way I'll know if I really am interested in law before I get 10 Gs in debt.

So lets recap:
Yes. It is community college -shutters-
It is learning so I don't go all soft.
It is gaining letters of recommendation so if by chance I get bored with this I have the resources to apply to UCF's masters program.
It's training in a field that, as of now, seems to be hiring.
It's giving me a little look into law without having to commit to a lot (more) debt.

In other news...
Last night I got hit in the head by over a pound of frozen tilapia.
Imagine this:
I'm squatting down in front of the open fridge, digging through the big bottom drawer that holds everything that doesn't have a home else where. Boyfriend comes up behind me to open the freezer to get out ice, unknowingly releasing a pound of rogue, angry fish. It quickly falls about a foot and a half and cracks me right on the head. So hard my HEAD dented the fish.
It still hurts...

For the last 15 minutes or so I've been contemplating blasting my old fuddy duddy music to drown out lady gaga and the girls down stairs who have been mislead into believing they can sing. It's bad when I have to hear the thump thump thug life crap, but now there is something they want to sing to and I don't know whats worse. Its to the point where I'm looking forward to it getting so hot I can't keep my windows open and thus can't hear their crap. (have I mentioned this is the apartment with the pot smoke, dogs that are always crying for help and that one morning that had about 2 hours of what I think was domestic violence? Yeah, these upstanding citizens again)

Also? The only thing that gets run in this apartment is the TV, a fan at night, lights when its too dark to see otherwise, and the standard stuff that uses energy. Wanna know what my electric bill is WITHOUT the use of AC? 99 bucks. I'm scared to see what May through October is going to bring. Probably a lot of tears and screams of confusion. I didn't think a company could cheat me more than TECO, but here I am. You're on my list OUC...

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