Monday, March 22, 2010

Needs Vs. Is

What NEEDS to be happening:
Make a precise shopping list
Write for book

What IS happening:
On couch
Deadliest Catch
Looking up recipes (Which is useless because I haven't shopped and thus have no food to prepare)

I just don't feel motivated. On top of this disaster the government has officially created, boyfriend lost a friend over the weekend. I met him, he was sweet and funny. He has a long distance girlfriend and I can't imagine what shes going through. Or his parents. It's terrible. Thats the shitty thing about life; death.
With my headache, the gloom outside, being betrayed by my 'representatives' in government and knowing how sad someone I care about is feeling, I just don't want to do anything today.

I'm going to have to because, well, no one has any clean underwear. Thats pretty important in this house so, gotta do it. Life goes on whether or not we want it to...

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