Friday, March 12, 2010

Plan B

Today is a confusing day. On the one hand it's the day I get rejected from one of the worst law schools in the country, thus making it a sad day. On the other, as a friend said,'tomorrow you start the rest of your life'.

I've decided I'm going to take what I've been coming up with here and parlay it into a book. I don't know know yet if it's going to be a book of essays or a recap of the last 4 years with a humorous/ motivational undertone, but I do know that -total lack of writing ability aside- I am going to actually follow through with plan B. I'm going to come up with 70 thousand words, edit, and then edit again, and then shop for an agent the correct way. Like applying for jobs I'm going to get to around 50 (or 100) agent queries before I consider something else, but either way, I will complete this project.

I'm opening up my celebration champagne.
I didn't just get rejected from law school, I've been given the opportunity to try something else.

See you at Barns and Nobel.

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