Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting.
I have always been a fan of getting things done. Knowing answers. Making things happen. I am impatient; I was always that student in college that would get an assignment, and do it- early. I just feel that to be efficient in this world, one must take care of things in a timely manner.

FAMU on the other hand must have a different philosophy. And it's making me crazy.

See, knowing their decision is a big deal; it decides a lot in terms of my next move for the future and that is something I'd like to know about sooner rather than later.

Last Friday (3/5) they made up their mind. As I check the mail (twice daily in case I checked it too early or you know... possibly missed the BIG envelope I'm hoping to get) and don't get anything but ads for Bed, Bath, and Beyond (super cute lamps though!) I start to wonder whats taking so long....

A) Its the admission packet! It's big, but because of budget cuts they couldn't afford faster shipping so it has to take its sweet time getting here.
B) Its the admission packet! It's so full of information that it takes a week to even put together!
C) Its the rejection letter! They aren't wasting good money on good postage for loser rejects like me and since it's just a rejection letter it's not like they're going to over night it so.... it's just laying around until they feel like getting it out.

I'm torn between being hopeful and excited (option B) and preparing myself for the worst (option C)

This is annoying.
Really annoying.

I keep trying to busy myself with little tasks and I even bought the new Chelsea Handler book. I (hopefully boyfriend isn't reading because I'm not supposed to talk about this) debugged the carpet (fleas) and got the dog all spiffed up and bug free. We're just very proud people and that our beautiful child (dog) got lice (fleas) is just a bit embarrassing and we don't want people 1) thinking we're not fit parents (of a dog) 2) that our home is gross (my carpet is so clean I see my reflection in it- seriously) 3) that our baby is gross and your baby will get bugs from her (not a chance).

I'm proud to pat myself on the back and say job well done because I kicked some flea ass baby. Kicked it!

Honestly that's been the highlight lately and nothing of any real interest has been happening. I'm waiting on a bikini for MsFlaUsa press day and I'm honestly feeling like its slipped into a black hole and I'm never going to see it. I'm still on the quest for an interview outfit but as I have a horrible time making choices, all I can say is that I'm VERY happy I decided to start looking now. I really want to get my headshots done but I need to get my hair done first but that is NOT happening this month unless I find that pile of money I'm always hoping to come across. Maybe pretty pictures will come in April!

Thats all I got for now America. What do you think? Want to play an over/under game on when the FAMU you letter will come? I still say before Friday. You say after. 5 bucks to the winner!

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