Friday, April 9, 2010


I love the tv show 'Bones'. Much like The Office, the joy of this show is shouting at the tv for the 'WILL' they part of Bones and Booth's 'will they/ won't they' relationship to happen.

If you pay any attention to the show- you are aware that Bones is brilliant, Booth is street smart with a heart of gold. Through the show we have watched Booth grow. Remember- Booth is the 'less intelligent' of the two. Yet after 5 years, the writers of this show honestly expect the viewers, many of whom are die hard dedicated fans, (much like X Files fans) to HONESTLY believe that Bones, as smart as she is, cannot grow- at ALL- like her partner has.

In case there are people out there that do read this and watch the show I'm not going to go on ranting about last night episode. Well, I'm not going to give anything away- I'm going to rant...

I look forward to a few things in my life. These days when my biggest accomplishment is getting into the community college across the street from me, I need to have something I love to look forward to. When I plant myself down on the couch on a Thursday night with GREAT anticipation for my FAVORITE show's 100th episode only to be kicked in the crotch by what I saw, I can only ask WHY???

Why would you do this to the viewers? To those of us who own every season on dvd, have watched said dvd's at least 5 times all the way through, know absolutely useless (however fun) facts about the show and personal lives of the cast. Why? Why would you construct a mile stone episode to be so BAD? Are you happy with yourself? Do you feel proud to go home and tell you family about what you did?

If YOU happened to enjoy last nights train wreck of an episode, well I don't want to go as far to say you don't deserve Bones, but I will say shame on your mother for dropping you on your head so many times.

Yes, last nights episode WAS that bad. And no. I'm not sorry for making a post dedicated to me being pissed about a TV show. People need to know! YOU, America, you need to know whats happening! You can thank me later when the Bones writers get a hold of this SCATHING review and get their ACT together before they go and pull more crap like this for the season finally.

Bones writers, you're on notice...

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