Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden State

Part of day, between getting rejected from various schools and looking for random jobs on the internet, is devoted to my little garden. I know you have probably waited all day to read about someone's plants, so here is my gift to you! (in detail) ((with pictures))

-The Tomato's and the cucumber are doing great- something I did not expect!
-One of my strawberry's looks really dead while the other is making me a handful of little strawberry's!!
-I have only killed 1 sunflower, and thats because I broke his stem, not because I killed it with my mystical abilities to end the life of every plant within 20 yards of me.
-The Rose bush either is getting too much water or not enough and won't bloom.
- The orchid appears to be dying. This can be tricky though. I am pretty positive I've seen it pull this 'yellow leaf' business a few times and bounce back. We'll see...
-The mint and basil get a little cranky when they don't get enough water (as would I) but they do seem to be kicking!
-The cactus just looks kinda sad. Nothing new.

Here we have two types of tomato's and a cucumber plant crammed together. Very happily I might add.

The healthy strawberry plant (indicated by a thumbs up no less) and its baby fruit!

The dying strawberry plant. And if you couldn't tell from the yellow leaves, I have provided you again with a thumb indicator.

One of my sunflower pots. Notice how happy and big they're getting. I may have to stick with these instead of roses...

Here is the Orchid leaf in question. If you look closely, the leaf to the left of the yellow leaf has bite makes in it. (fun fact) If you look further left you will see some of the droopy leaves of the rose bush. If you look to the right you will see the sad cactus.

Here are my Mint and Basil. They are quite tasty.

Finally, a picture of my beautiful Pepper stopping to smell the roses.

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