Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, I intended to post about a number of different things much sooner than this but as it turns out, life, and all of its negative aspects sometimes JUMP in the way. And not small, poke their ugly head up jump, but full on, spit in your face and kick you in the crotch ninja style jump.

Of all of the things that kicked me this past weekend, one stands out.

See, being a sorority girl, regardless of the bad times, the good ones, the countless good ones trump anything else and I wear my letters with pride. I love my sisters, the silly ones, bossy ones, loud ones; at the end of the day, those crazy bitches are my crazy bitches and I know I can limp back to my house and those girls will pick me up.

Not all of them though, feel the same way. One of them this weekend told me shes ashamed to call me her sister. I'll let all of you who call yourself Greeks take that in for a moment.

Yeah you know, its been a rough week, and of course, like when one is drinking, one should never post angry. However, the bigger person in me has left for the afternoon, and I'm not so much mad as I am excited to see what Karma brings her way.

Life after college is supposed to be difficult: no one said grownup was synonymous easy, but seriously? Ouch. Its ok though, sticks and stones may break my bones, but at least I've got a personality. A big, in your face, loud, opinionated one, at that. 
And I L O V E it.


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