Thursday, April 8, 2010

That was Depressing

So I'm just awake tonight and sitting online digging through jobs. The more positions I come across and research, the more I get an idea of what I DON'T want to do. For example, I don't want to work at a bank, in any capacity. I looked up some things that could do with writing and of course there isn't a lot. By 'a lot', I mean there were only 2 or 3 things I understood/ that looked like legitimate jobs. I don't know if you've spent very much time cruising job search websites but there are a lot of scams...

I am applying for 2 jobs within the City of Orlando. Either would be pretty cool. One is event planning/ marketing and the other is a secretarial position. I know that doesn't sound like a lot to aspire to, but when I really want to write and or sue people, having a job doing something I KNOW makes up for the lack of glamor. I enjoy filing, transferring calls, putting together meeting packets, ect. Tomorrow I think I'm going to haul myself down town and take their typing test. I need 55 wpm and I'm averaging 56. But I'm of course having some performance anxiety because I KNOW I'll be typing on a standard sized desk top computer keyboard, and I haven't touched one of those in years (I'm a laptop kinda girl).

Although I love the liberty of being able to do whatever I want by staying at home, I do have a routine and think I keep order here. Whats more though is that I really like writing. The little stuff I do for me, the stupid stories I recount here, I feel really clear when I write. I've got the ability to bold things, make them all italic, stick things in (here) and use commas like they're going out of style.

The more afternoons I spend at the pool, the more I realize I am NOT in a position to be unemployed. But, I just dig and dig and dig through these piles of 'jobs' and feel miserable. Out of 250, there are maybe 3.5 that interest me. I've worked DOZENS of jobs in my 22 years. I quit most of them. Being bored to tears at times aside, I have never, EVER, been a person to do something I don't like. Thats why I've dropped classes, dated around (not like that...), gone through different styles, groups of friends, tastes in music. I honestly DO have a solid understanding of things that make me crazy and I'm desperate to find a way to pair things I love with earning a respectable amount of money.

So far tonight has left me really disappointed.
OH not to mention I have NEVER heard from the COMMUNITY COLLEGE I applied at to study paralegal stuffs. I'm going to march my little self over there tomorrow and find out what the dealy-o is. Being REJECTED from COMMUNITY COLLEGE is one of those things I am NOT ok with.

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