Thursday, April 8, 2010

What...a fabulous day.

Today, I wasn't going to take that typing test. A combination of lazy and fear of full-sized keyboards had me pretty content to sit in front of the tv, watch Office episodes I know by heart, and update my blog background.

Of course my mother decided to read my blog (I do appreciate the dedication don't get me wrong) call me and ask about the typing test. I felt guilty and after my very weird morning that concluded with me saying "The lady at CVS is totally judging me." I figured it woulnd't kill me to get acquainted with downtown O-town and just take the stupid test- if only for reference when applying to other futile positions.

I needed a score of 55 WPM. My raw score was 63 (!!!) and after adjusting for errors ( I don't like that word..) my score ended up 59. I officially meet all of the qualifications for the position and the woman in HR said to "be patient"- so I'm waiting.

My next bit of good news- I have been 'accepted' to community college! And thank god; if I got rejected from community college I would have to go play 4 square in rush hour traffic on Kirkman. Phew! Hopefully someone, somewhere out there offers me a respectable position for a respectable amount of pay (aka salary or more than 10/ hour) before I have to enroll.

Ans since things come in 3's, I was going to toast some slices of oat bran pita to dunk into my humus (it tasted better in my head) when the oven refused to open. If you haven't been paying attention to my saga with the apartment complex and the CRAP they TRY to pass off as livable amenities, my oven sucks as much as my neighbors. (Not the loud music ones, the pot smokers who refuse to discipline their dogs or bring the poor bastards in off the porch that takes full afternoon sun- thus explaining why they bark all afternoon. Why they bark through the night is a mystery. Probably because their owners suck as much as my oven...)

Anyway, SOMETHING prevents the oven from coming off this latch thing and today it finally wouldn't budge no matter how hard I yanked on it. I finally did beat on it enough to get it opened and finally- I stopped and really looked at it. Then I saw it, I figured out how to fix it! The oval that the latch slides into needs to be widened because the oven door is SIGNIFICANTLY bent (not our fault, this hasn't been working since day 1. Seriously.) and since I cant move the oven door, I needed to widen the hole! I banged on it with a screw driver for 20 minutes and now it hardly sticks! If I didn't have girl arms it would be 100% fixed- good thing boyfriend doesn't have girl arms!

OH and the strawberry plant is making strawberries! WIN

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