Friday, May 14, 2010

Frank Sinatra Died Today

So, as a huge Sinatra fan (big like, were you aware on his 80th birthday the empire state building glowed blue for him? No, you weren't...) I am recognizing the day of his passing with a simple glass of wine. See, a lot of people would think Frank was just the King of swing and spent every moment of his life as just a wild guy, but I know better (I read too much). Of course I never knew him, but a lot of his biographies would say that Sinatra spent a lot more time talking about drinking than actually out doing it, and while Bing Crosby was a big influence, only a few knew that Billie Holiday was his true vocal muse. He was a hell of an Italian cook and enjoyed reading best sellers.

I love Frank because I can listen to him for every mood. Although lately all I want to hear are his soul crushing songs of heart ache, generally speaking there is a Sinatra song for every situation, happy or sad.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, no matter how down and out I feel, Frank lets me know that The Best is Yet to Come, and I wanted to thank him for that.