Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I spend a lot of money to look this cheap"

There comes a time of year, like clockwork, that gets me really excited. Its a time with fashion, big hair, fantastic make up, unreal transformations, and of course, lip syncing for your life. This beautiful time of year is the new season of RuPauls Drag Race.

My annual post on the controversial topic (not everyone approves of LGBT culture of the art or drag) this year is in support of courage and expressing yourself.

Courage comes in so many different forms; for some its standing up to a bully, for some its answering a question in front of others. Maybe courage for some is more serious, coming in the form of seeking help for abuse. Maybe its lighter, maybe taking a climb when you are afraid of heights. The result of courage though should be empowerment, and unfortunately our culture is not one of fostering empowerment. Sure. Maybe if you're a pretty normal (dare I say average), run of the mill guy or girl, life isn't exactly throwing your curve balls that make you question your very existence. But what if you're not. What if you're really not. If you happen to find yourself a 6'1" male who feels fulfilled wearing full stage make up, a wig, and a dress, chances are no matter what state in our fine Union you grew up in, you dealt with people who went far out of their way to take away your pride.

To continue being YOU in the face of disapproval takes so much courage. To be you when the threat of violence exists takes courage that I will probably never fully understand. But I appreciate it, and think its something so important to strive to. So many people don't really know who they are, and probably think its necessary to hide and change so much about themselves just to bland in. To be a drag queen, you not only know who you are and take pride in your art, but you do it regardless of the terrible opinions about you. I mean my God, I've honestly skipped classes back in college and called out of work if I just couldn't "put myself together" enough to think EVERYONE ELSE thought I looked "ok". I want so badly the courage to just be me, do the things I love, say the things I want and dress the way I want. RuPauls Drag Race helps me feel inspired because there's so many amazing men women that this show showcases, so proud to be them self and help others be them self.

Getting off my high horse, the next thing I want to point out is the EFFORT these bitches put into their looks. I feel excited when I straighten my hair in the morning. These girls are MAKING their outfits. Learning dances for their performances, learning SO much music, doing exceptional make up, developing characters... the list goes ON. 

As I sit here neglecting my class I cant help but think "man, I really could do more with myself." While I still look good and fairly wrinkle free, Rupaul really makes me feel inspired to fix my hair, do my eye shadow like I like, listen to all the old classics and current (terrible) pop that I like. Just live life a little bit more. 

You might not "like" drag queens, but you can't deny the message of courage and to take pride in ones self is essential to a happy, healthy, and more fulfilling life. 


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