Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whats YOUR Degree Worth?

This is like a math equation or ad lib, you can do it yourself at home even! I've filled out mine for you as an example.

(Remember the lowest score wins) ((0 is great and 10 is terrible))

You have a Bachelor of Arts (0) degree from The University of South Florida (1) and you are currently working as a temp (5) in the position of administrative assistant (3). When you go to work, your hours are late into the night (7) and your duties include [list them all and assign a value] taking staples out of paper (10) and scanning the paper into someone elses email (20). At the end of the day, you feel stab-y (8).

0-2: Congrats, you may as well have gone to Harvard, you're degree is worth more than you paid for it!

3-5: Not shabby. At the end of the day chances are you come home happy and are positive you did something relevant and justifying 4 years of schooling.

6-8: Kinda sad. 10 to 1 says you don't like what you do and the government would classify you as 'underemployed'.

9-10: Well. At least you got yourself some book learnin back on campus. Not that it really matters because at this point you cant afford to use that knowledge on things like TV or other books since you work a job that pays in live chickens and would be best suited for someone who prefers to spend their days bent over.

10+: ...But at least you have a job! Right?

With a score of 47 and the knowledge that come 3:45 I'm going to need a xanax just to sit still until 10 o'clock without A/C, withOUT throwing a fit OR having some type of nervous, pride-filled breakdown, I officially have become another statistic in the long line of statistics that allow UF to be considered a better school than USF. To Judy and Rocky? I apologize.

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