Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Its a mad, mad world

Oh my oh my the last 4 weeks. Its been a whirlwind- and I hate that phrase but, what are you going to do? I'm sure anyone who glanced at the blog had noticed I was interviewing for a very good temp to perm job at a big deal law firm. I got that job and started Tuesday the 14th. During a break in my training, I got news that my grandfather passed away that morning. As I cried in front of all the strangers at the office, all I could think about was the last time I saw him and how I could have hugged him just a little bit harder. 

Over the last few weeks, the company I'm actually doing the work for has been incredibly supportive and accommodating to the time I would like/ will need off to attend his service and spend some time with my family. The company I WORK FOR however (the temp agency) is another story. Its BECAUSE of the recruiting agency that my FAMILY has literally pushed back the service for my grandfather. These people have gone so far as to tell me I'm not allowed to leave the island for the 4th of July; in no was should it be a surprise that they went above and beyond twisted and have been making this hard for me. If it not for the kindness of the partner at the firm, I wouldn't be allowed to go home to help my parents move- yes now they have to up and move in a very short time frame, and then later in August to attend his service. 

In between all of this I've been doing a juggling act where I attempt to learn everything I will ever need to know QUICKLY for the job and impress everyone at the firm so I get picked up permanently, this is a place I WANT to work for, no amount of effort will be spared. Nothing like explaining my situation about the need for time off and the need for help with said time off, all with tact as to not sound like someone who has problems with authority, to brand new employers. For the record I DON'T; however I have problems when a company uses a trip I took- WHILE BEING UNEMPLOYED WITH ZERO JOB PROSPECTS- against me. It's insane, and I'll be damned if it starts affecting my job. I let them push me around and insult me ("professionals" indeed) but I won't let them take this job from me. I'll keep my yapper shut thankyouverymuch.

Rant aside, another thing, a thing that make me upset (what doesn't), is the Casey Anthony trial. I couldn't help but follow it. Not because I'm another victim of our media nothing better to do but sensationalize things, but because when news first broke of the little girl who disappeared, I was all of 40 minutes away from where it happened. And like most people from Florida, when we hear bad news, we, rightly so, expect a bad ending. But with little Caylee, it wasn't that she had a tragic ending like so many similar stories, it was the revelation that she went missing for over 30 days before anyone who "loved" her bothered to alert authorities.

Obviously we now know the trial ended, and the mother was found not guilty of murder, child abuse, or anything of substance. The astute jury had the sense to convict her on the 4 charges of the misdemeanor offense of lying to police. WOWY. That 4 year max sentence (not to mention the 3 years of time served) really does justice for Caylee. The tiny, and I mean MINUTE, ray of hope actually falls on the state of Florida: that District Prosecutor put in his letter of resignation. Whoopty-do. 

Now I can sit here and bemoan the jury and condemn what most people believe was a MORONIC ruling.  

However, it just isn't that easy. First and foremost- do I believe she killed that little girl? I do. Now if it was an accident (and why would you make an accident look like murder?) or if it was murder that is yet to be clear to me, but regardless, as far as I am concerned Caylee Anthony's  death is at the hands of her mother. Here is my however: Watching a lot of the trial, while the defense just looked amateur, the prosecution did N O T H I N G, and let me say that again to be very clear, N O T H I N G to convince me or anyone on that jury that Casey Anthony actually DID murder her daughter. Any more opinions are inconsequential- she will be released, and Caylee is still dead. I do not feel justice of any kind has been served.

Unfortunately, while things professionally have been moving along, losing my grandpa has been terrible. Its July, and if you know me, you know usually I'd be ready to compete in Miss Florida USA. Obviously I'm not, and thats a hard pill to swallow. But this month, I had to be reminded that life is short in an all to unfair way. I don't have time to sulk about pageants, people with strange vendetta's, or the generally weird phase that is starting a new job. 

(I should be, and am trying to) [I get to] sit back, enjoy some beautiful surroundings, remember I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and, thanks to an unlikely ally, go remember the long and wonderful life of my grandfather.

And watch House Hunters. Lots and lots of House Hunters.  

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